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 Clover Smith

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Clover Smith


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PostSubject: Clover Smith   Sat Jul 17, 2010 7:32 pm

Name: Clover Smith
Species:(Satyr, Demigod, Immortal, Ect) Demigod
History: Clover was born into a somewhat rich family in New York, but doesn’t seem to fit in. She is the oldest child, with a brother who is 11 nearly 12 years old named CJ. Clover is her mother’s favourite and her father sometimes treats her as a three year old, though sometimes she is often shadowed by her little brother’s ‘cheeky’ antics. Her father is Stan Smith, who is an important member to the society as a leader of a big corporation, and her mother, Claire Smith was born and raised in the middle east America but moved to New York to marry her father but mainly she is a housewife; handling the house and doing most of the chores.
Clover is the only one in her family, besides her father that show a passion for running and that are good at it too. She showed a talent for running when she ran 100 metres in 10 seconds with her father at her side at the age of 12 behind their house. Knowing that she could run well, her father took her on many cross country trips that her went on. Though it wasn’t long before that Clover discovered another hidden talent, gymnastics. It was only a mistake that she found this skill. It came one day when she was in the corporation with her father; she was admiring a boy that was already taken by a girl Clover did not know. The girl approached her and Clover ran away, but as she ran away she fell over but she did not stop, she just did a little flip of some sort and she landed on her feet. Once she realized what she could do she became a beloved gymnast, simply fleeing from people and doing somersaults as she ran. She then decided not to practice her flexibility in her dad’s office but in her back garden instead, where there was many obstacles she could practice with.
Her gymnastic classes as you could call them began to increase size and danger. She practiced in a little part of the woods behind. This was also a place she escaped to when she needed to exit the outside world. It was a small clearing next to a small river with soft grass and a small cluster of birds and animals. Clover respected the animals by giving them their privacy and they paid her back by not hunting her. Clover loved animals, especially one ferret that her father got her on her fourteenth birthday, he is ginger coloured that she named Moggy. She plans to train him to accompany her on her cross country trips when he gets old enough since he’s only twelve months old he is currently a small fluffy sausage that Clover gives all her love and most of her attention to. He sleeps with her every night at the end of the bed. Clover is also very intelligent when it comes down to knowing types of plants and which ones are poisonous or not and is a keen observer for her environment. She knows when to trust someone and when she can’t .

Apperance: Clover is average size, willowy figure, and slightly curved at the hips. She has keen bright sky blue eyes that are surrounded by dark eyelashes. Her face is built petite. Though it has a certain roundness that she can never seem to get rid of, and makes her appear younger than she already is. Her lips are full, and a light pink colour. Her rich caramel hair falls slightly curly around her shoulders, but more often than not it is contained in a loose bun. Her skin is naturally lily white, though, it has become a light golden brown since she spends so much time in the sun. She only has one small hunting scar on her hand near her wrist due to her first attempt at hunting with a bow and arrows at the age of seven. In general Clover hates the way she looks since it brings her unwanted attention that isn’t welcome. Though there are those times in which she can persuade people more easily using her looks.

Personality: No matter how much her mother wants her to be she will never be that sweet girl that never wants to get dirty or do anything other than what is asked of her. She is a very secretive girl that hides another life completely from her parents, and keeps most things from everyone but her most trusted confidences. She spends her free time running cross country, fishing, or going to gymnastic classes. So not only is she very stealthy, quiet, and skilled; but she is very patient as well. When she has extra time outside of running and gymnastics she gains knowledge by ways of observing people, her surroundings, and nature; she also tries to impress her parents. Despite her sometimes hard nature; she in caring and loyal to those that earn it. She does care for animals, especially for her ginger ferret, Moggy. Sometimes she is very charismatic and friendly to who she thinks deserves it, and that’s either her father or her little brother.

RP Sample Please: ((this is from another site.))
Dannii listened as the girl introduced herself. The girl's name was Lilth, it was a weird name but it sounded pretty cool. Dannii smiled and sat down. "Well Lilth, that's an interesting name you got there." Dannii laughed and carried on listening to Lilth. Lilth explained that she could get lost in writing but Dannii didn't like writing, well in English anyway. Sometimes Dannii could get lost in a greek book once in a while but Dannii never had the time to read. But Dannii knew how Lilth felt, she daydreamed a lot.

Lilth asked if Dannii wanted to sit down. Dannii nodded her head and sat down. The grass was nice and comfy on her bottom. The birds were singing in the tree tops and Dannii knew it would be cool to be a bird. Flying in the sky, not having to worry about monsters, not worrying about anything, now that's the life. Dannii shook her head as if to come back down to Earth. "Yeh I like to hang her very often, when I've got the time to." Dannii answered as she twiddled with her hair. Twisting a streak of blonde around her fingers and then she started to plait it. After she was finished, she smiled at Lilth.

Lilth announced that it was nice and quiet out here and Dannii had to agree. It was quiet apart from the odd growl here and there. The monsters hardly attack but when they do, it's better than being bored. "Yeh it is quiet out here, apart from the occastional growl from a monster. Dannii took out her plait she redid it. It was annoying her but she only did it once even though it was perfect the first time. "So Lilth, how did you get to camp then?"

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PostSubject: Re: Clover Smith   Sat Jul 17, 2010 10:02 pm

Well, that was pretty good, Clover...
ACCEPTED with awesomeness!
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Clover Smith
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