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Brittany Martin

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PostSubject: BRITTANNNYYYY MARTTINNNN~~~~!   Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:27 pm

Just to.. spice up things a little bit(: hahahahah btw, this is Amelie.

Name: Brittany Martin

Species:(Satyr, Demigod, Immortal, Ect) Demigod

History: Brittany Martin was born on March 27, 1994 in Chicago, Illinois to her mother Scarlet. Her father had left long before her mother knew she was expecting her, so Brittany assumed that her dad didn't know she existed, contrary to what her mother told her. She grew up on the campus of Northwestern University, where her mother worked as the Astronomy professor. From that, Brittany grew a liking to constellations, and the myths behind them. They lived in a large house right on Lake Michigan, but Brittany barely went swimming. She had very few friends, only a few kids that lived on her street that she would hang out with from time to time. Brittany usually spent time by herself working on her hobbies, things that were important to her. Her mother wanted her to be the best at what she did. As she grew older, more strange things started to happen. Strange creatures started to appear, but they didn't harm her, only lurk in the shadows. Finally, when she was 13 years old, her friend Dave, who turned out to be a satyr, brought her to Camp Half-Blood safely.

Apperance: Brittany's eyes are a radiant blue, surrounded by a few freckles on her face that you can't see well. She has long, bright blonde hair with side bangs on the right side of her face. Brittany always loves wearing sunglasses, they are sort of her thing. She has 7 pairs of them, and wears a different one each day. Brittany is only 5' 5'', pretty short for her age, but she doesn't mind it. She loves her style, which is usually some pretty top with jean shorts. On her feet, would be either converse or gladiator sandals. Brittany always makes sure that she is presentable when she goes out.

Personality: Brittany definitely has a bubbly personality, there is no doubt about that. She is almost never shy to go up to talk to people, and loves making new friends. Brittany is a singer and dancer, mostly because her mother made her participate in those sort of activities. Not that she doesn't like it, she absolutely loves having her choir practice and dance practices. She is a summer sort of person, mostly because she loves wearing shorts. Brittany loves being outside, and can't stand being in a small room, mostly because of her ADHD, and some claustrophobia. She wasn't the best student in school because of her dyslexia, but she still ended up with pretty good grades at the end of the year.

RP Sample Please: Er.. this is from HBH. I was too lazy to think of a new one. XD
It felt like the hottest day of the summer, even though the camp was weather-controlled. It seemed like the heat from outside was breaking in. Or was it just Amelie? She was used to different kinds of climates because of traveling so much with the other hunters, but since they were at camp for so long, she got used to the beautiful weather and perfect temperatures. It had never rained at Camp Half-Blood from what she knew, and it never snowed. Or hailed, no tornados or hurricanes. You could say that no exciting weather jeopordized the demigods. Amelie could only think of what would happen if Dionysus wanted it to rain one day at the camp and nobody had umbrellas. It was a humourous thought, and Amelie loved to make up scenarios in where the half-bloods would have no idea what to do. Complete chaos, you could say. Of course, this would probably not happen, but you never know. Basically you could say it was unlikely, not impossible. Mr. D probably liked the nice weather.

Amelie as always, was hanging out in the Artemis cabin with the other hunters. At times they got boring -mostly because they were all pre-teenage girls with a few older ones here and there. They recruited many new hunters over the past year, so the girls were all talking about gossiping and such stuff. The only relief was that there was no boy talking- at all. There was an occasional 'He was really stupid' or 'He was the most terrible guy I ever met!' but otherwise, their mouths stayed shut. The only thing was that Amelie didn't exactly hate boys, she just felt the need to join the hunt to get away from things, to forget. Her favorite girl in the hunt was Thalia, mostly because she was more like Amelie. She didn't hate boys, and didn't speak like she was from the ancient times. Thalia was also the first person she met at the hunt. This is basically how it went- Amelie stranded away from Luri, she saw Thalia, Thalia lead her to the camp, then to Artemis, and she took the pledge. It was simple.

Amelie Rousseau hadn't slept in the past 3 days. She was busy trying to track down where Thalia was, and couldn't sleep because of all the things on her mind. She couldn't stop thinking about a certain day in the past, that brought both good and bad memories back to her. It was the day she joined the hunt, but a certain event happened before that, and that one moment was the primary reason she was a hunter. Throughout her journey to camp half-blood with her sister, Luri, they were being chased by a hydra. They found help from a boy in Ohio, and just before that the hydra nearly chopped off Amelie's entire right leg. With the ambrosia and nectar the boy had, it started to heal, but not fully. Once on their path with the boy, the hydra found them again, but the boy wasn't there to help because he had abandoned both of them, all alone. If it wasn't for the camp of the hunters being near them, she would of probably never made it to the camp with her sister.

She found herself laying on a bunk in the Artemis cabin, trying to get some shut eye. Of course, it wasn't working out for her. It was the middle of the day, anyway. Campers were running around, taking archery and sword lessons, and battling with each other. She couldn't stand laying there any longer, and sat up. Her face was covered with sweat, from the heat and from her deep thoughts. She wiped her face with her sleeve, and got her feet of the bed. She pulled back her long black hair into a ponytail, and slid her black converse on her feet. They were worn out with holes in them, but Amelie never bothered to get new ones. She hardly wore them for hunting, anyways. Blinking her eyes still from being half asleep, she walked over to the door. Feeling bored, she decided she would just take a walk over to the strawberry fields. She loved strawberries.

Amelie's foster father always had strawberries with every meal, so of course Amelie had them too. There was strawberry milk, strawberry ice-cream, strawberry milk-shake, strawberry pudding, strawberry sauce that went on strawberry cheesecake, basically anything that had the word 'strawberry' in it. The weird thing was, they never got tired of it. She missed those amazing times with him, and was sad that she left it. But she had to- she couldn't just stay there and have monsters find her while she walked around every corner.

Walking at a steady pace, she headed past the Big House, and towards the fields. They were always healthy strawberries, never rotten. Thats how the camp made money for different activities. It was also their cover- a strawberry farm. The beating sun was making her sweat even more, but it didn't bother her. She reached the fields, and immeadiately picked a strawberry. The juice filled her mouth, sweet and savory. She walked through the field, and saw another face hidden near her. Amelie turned around, and saw another girl. She appeared a little older than Amelie. Of course even if she was older than them, she would still look younger, at least. It was the whole immortality thing. She was stuck at 14, but she was actually 15. Ready to see who she was, Amelie spoke. "Er... hi. What brings you out to the fields at the moment?"

How'd you find out about this site?: How do you think I found out about the site?
Just kidding, it was off of HBH(:

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Lexie Greene

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PostSubject: Re: BRITTANNNYYYY MARTTINNNN~~~~!   Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:19 am

Ps: Its Summer here(: Cool
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Isaac Garner

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PostSubject: Re: BRITTANNNYYYY MARTTINNNN~~~~!   Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:14 am

Hey, just want to say that was some pretty good Roleplaying there.
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