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 Blaire Teague

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Blaire Teague

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PostSubject: Blaire Teague   Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:29 pm

Name: Blaire Teague

Species: Demi-god

History: Blaire grew up in New York City, her (mom/dad - don't want to interfere with claiming) always mumbling about how they had to stay there so they'd be close, but she never would be told close to what. Living in New York, she'd had her fair share of run-ins with creeps, but she'd always figured they were just that, creeps. That is, until one went a little too far for your average city thief. They were out for blood, not anything tangible. Scared, she told her (insert parent here) about it, and on that note, they immediately insisted that she go to Camp Half-Blood the following summer.

Apperance: Blaire has dark brown hair, and bright blue eyes, as well as partially tan skin. She's petite, but usually comes across as much taller than she actually is, due to her addiction to heels. She wears a constant smile on her face, flashing her perfectly white teeth. Her style is relatively simple, but since she loves bright colors, there is always at least on piece in her wardrobe that is a little off beat. She's often said to be beautiful by her classmates, but she tends to scare them off.

Personality: Blaire is one of those people you can count on being happy and exciting, nearly all the time. She's very light-hearted and playful, not caring to be too serious about anything. She's relatively smart, though her ADHD gets in the way of a lot of her what could be good grades. She's constantly jabbering about something, never caring to pause for you to get a word in. Most people find her attitude very off putting, not daring to talk to her most of the time. She has a few solid friends, which is something that she likes and is used to. She has a tendency to talk about people behind their backs, but never beens it in a mean way.

RP Sample Please:
Addison stumbled up the hill, one ankle twisting slightly at the surprise of an unseen rock. She defeatedly sighed as she imagined what she could be doing at home, maybe reading a good book by the pool, but no, instead, she was nearly six hours away in the outskirts of New York City. She tried to hold herself high, too stubborn to let one stupid hill get in her way. Repositioning her bags in her hands, she took a step forward, determined to make it. She couldn't understand why something like walking up one hill, one extremely steep hill, was causing her so much trouble. If she wasn't carrying all of these bags, she'd easily be able to run up it, maybe she shouldn't have brought so much stuff. Then again, she knew you could never be too prepared.

Addison carefully made her way up the other half of the hill, careful not to step on any bugs or rocks, this city girl did not deal well with bugs, unless they were under a microscope. Sitting down one of her bags, she used her now spare hand to sweep her bangs out of her eyes. She glanced around, noticing a lot of kids her own age running around in bright orange t-shirts. Furrowing her eyebrows together, she noticed a large house of sorts that was a lot closer to her than the other buildings. Shrugging, she decided to give it a try. Curiously walking in, she noticed a couple of adults, playing what seemed to be a game. Sitting her bags down, she realized she had made too much noise when the two turned to face her. Blushing, she shyly mumbled,"Sorry."

"It's quite all right, Miss Gregory,"One of them replied, standing up. They had obviously been expecting her. "I'm Chiron. And this is Mr. D. But, enough of that, I suppose you're wondering what you're doing here?"

Addison raised an eyebrow, knowing the look on her face probably revealed the nervousness she held about going to camp. She didn't particularly like meeting new people, preferring to stick to herself and a close-knit group of friends. Looking to Chiron, she softly smiled and nodded. "I guess it's not that hard to tell."

She watched him return her smile, while he seemed to be pondering how to say this. He paused for a second before speaking, placing a finger on his lips in a thoughtful manner. "Well, your father seems to think you can handle this, but since he obviously didn't tell you, I'm afraid I'll just get to the point. Your mother, you've never known her, correct? It's because she's immortal, a Greek goddess. That's why she suggested you come to this camp, to be trained."

Addison could feel her whole world crashing down around her. She had always known she wasn't normal, but being eccentric and smart, well, that could happen to anybody. She'd never even wanted to know her mother, much less have her entire life changed because of who she was. She was lost for words, her ADHD causing her mind to run in circles so much that she was beginning to get a headache. She walked over to a chair, placing a hand on her forehead. This was too much, why did this have to happen to her? She hadn't gone searching for answers when it came to her mom, she just let it be, never touching the forbidden subject.

Chiron looked at her sympathetically, as if he knew exactly what she was going to, though, based on how many kids were running around outside, he'd probably done it enough to know how it felt. He quietly spoke up. "I'll have to find a couple campers to show you around, help you get settled. I'm sure you'd like to meet someone here."

How'd you find out about this site?: The chatbox on Children of Olympus. (:
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Lexie Greene

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PostSubject: Re: Blaire Teague   Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:20 am

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Blaire Teague
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