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 If you wanted to know... Isaac Garner

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Isaac Garner

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PostSubject: If you wanted to know... Isaac Garner   Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:58 am

I has the sheet of an Admin... ROAR!

Name: Isaac Moses Garner

Species:(Satyr, Demigod, Immortal, Ect) Demigod

History: Isaac was born in 1995, but he was told that his 'Parents died in a Car crash' shortly afterwards, with him being the only survior. He was only given his Christian names, Isaac and Moses, and his surname Garner to find out about them from. Since then has been an unlikely, yet not necessarily unfortunate, events. Because he used to spark when he got angry, Orphanges never wanted to take him in, so he has been passed around families.
Family 1: Died in another Car Crash (When 2)
Family 2: Turned out to be running from the law (When 5)
Family 3: One parent, who was insane and tried to excorsize him (When Cool
Family 4: Tried to donate his internal Organs (When 9)
Family 5: Had 50 cats which all thought that he was a scratching post (When 10)
Family 6: Nazis (When 11)
Family 7: Is a very intriguing story. They sent him to a boarding school at the age of 11, but one of the teachers turned out to be a Wrath, which can only be destroyed by the use of advanced Magic, which, generally, tried to kill him. However, the Headmistress walked in then and the Wrath snarled at him before lunging. Before he was caught, the Headmistress used Magic and the Wrath was destroyed. With Mrs. Deranere dying, she whistled and a large black Dog appeared. She told it to take him to a Camp, where some bloke called Mr. D would show him a video, and that was how he arrived at Camp Half-Blood.

Apperance: Alex has Black hair and Brown eyes. He is about 5"6 when bare foot. He is slim and muscular. He can often be seen wearing a vest and either a leather Jacket, a Denim Jacket or a Western shirt. His skin is a little paler than average.

Personality: Isaac is normally friendly, but nobody is without enemies. He has a great sense of humor, so good that he laughs whenever somebody says 'Table' or 'Pudding'. He is extremely clever, but cannot some up with very good comebacks. He has almost to much energy, which almost buzz's around him, making him often known as 'The Storm'. He can always tell you something useless or something about Chuck Norris. He's a terrible flirt sometimes.

RP Sample Please: Isaac nervously entered Cabin 11, his home until his Olympian Parent got of his or her superior butt and claimed him. Bit of a defeatist attitude, but it didn't really matter. He was nervous, which was probably normal for a newly found Demigod. Worried about his life being on the line. Worried about his friends noticing that he was gone. Worried about everything. This was going to be tough.
There were 2 Demigods talking about some sort of prophecy and Quest, but Isaac didn't care. He dumped his bag on a bunk and lay down next to it. What a day it had been for him. Dragged of by a Fawn - no, Satyr- and taken to see Lord Dionysus. His best friend was a Satyr and his Foster Mother was a Fury. He yawned and wondered if he would ever see anybody else he had known ever again.
From a different site, I think it was Nico di Angelo...

How'd you find out about this site?: I made it.
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If you wanted to know... Isaac Garner
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