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 Xirena Adolphus

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Xirena Adolphus


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PostSubject: Xirena Adolphus   Tue Jul 27, 2010 5:04 am

Name: Xirena Adolphus

Species: Demigod

History: Left at an adoption center in New York Xerina never knew either of her parents. As she grew older to understand where she was she started to hate it and unlike most the children there she didn’t want a fake family. So she failed any adoption chances she would get because she wanted the truth. She wanted her real parents and knew that one day the truth would be revealed. She didn’t know why she thought that it was just one of those things that peck at the back of your mind. She never made friends while she was there they kept coming and then going so there was no point. Finally at ten she was completely cold to those around her and though the adults there tried to help her she didn’t want there help. She soon left in the dead of night becoming a street dweller. She wasn’t good at it until a couple years later and even then that was only to the point of survival she had made enough money selling things and doing little things like walking dogs just so that she could put herself through Martial Arts classes just so she had a form of fighting. It didn’t take her long to become a black belt because she was a quick learner but she is far from being a master. She had also studied her heroes, King Arthur, Robin Hood, and Achilles. When she was fourteen, that was the day she found out she was a demigod, from another demigod when he was attacked by a hellhound. He wasn’t sure if she was a demigod or just a mortal that could see through the mist but he brought her to camp anyways just to see if she could get pass the border. What do you know? She could. And she has stayed at camp half-blood happily. Making friends that wouldn’t leave and her never see them again.

Apperance: Xerina has black hair which she changes often into mulitcolors and worn in a boyish punk style and piercing sky blue. She stands at 5’8” and weighs 137 lb with high cheek bones and a rather narrow face. Her body is well built with a good amount of muscle. Despite what she tries to hide she is really pretty but she hides that behind what she wears. She always dresses either gothic, tomboyish or like a biker just depending on her mood. When she does want to get dressed up though she goes full out hair, make-up, dress, shoes, nails(which by the way are long, strong, and pointed). Absolutely everything. She is the true Belladonna: Beautiful and deadly.

Personality: The complete balance of nice and mean. That’s what and who Xirena is. Those people from legends are who she looks up to. Her favorites are Achilles, King Arthur, and Robin Hood. She is a master planner to make up for all the so called empty space in her mind she loves setting traps and plotting for just about anything not that she’s good at it but she isn’t completely brain dead. She is loyal to what she believes in and will never go against someone she respects but even then she doesn’t trust anyone unless they beat her in a fight.
Her favorite season is winter because of snow and coldness. She enjoys writing, singing, and reading. But lets not forget one of her favorites fighting in different styles, her favorite is martial arts. And she is never one to back down from a challenge even when she knows she can win, she will give it her all until she is done.
Based on her hero’s she tends to voice out against something that is wrong and she really lets her voice be heard. She will jump into battle if it’s for something she believes is right and besides weapons, which she is very selfish about, she is rather selfless and tries to help anyone that she can.

RP Sample Please: Xerina started her walk into the woods. This was a great way to refresh her skills. Training was one way to do so but now this was different. The forest was dark She stopped as she started to smell smoke. "I must be close I can smell them." She whispered to herself.
Creeping along the ground she made her way towards the foe that had challenged her. She didn’t know who it was all she had gotten was a letter that had challenged her and she wasn’t one to refuse. Tisiphone stood up as the fire drew into site and surveyed the scene before her. Everything was glowing in the firelight. The small makeshift tent a poorly constructed wooden chair, and a wood pile for the fire. There was no sign of the person who challenge until the leaves and branches behind her rustled.
Pulling out her sword she turned around with her sword out before her. Xerina’s opponent stood before her and she was shocked to see that it was one of the campers. One of the unclaimed from the Hermes cabin when she had stayed there. Rising her eyebrow at the fact that he was standing there bare of weapons and staring at her Xerina laughed lightly. “You better give back what you stole.” Dropping her sword she raised her fists getting ready for a fist fight. Last minute though she switched into her Karate Fighting Stance. She let a smirk lift the corner of her lips as she waited for the boy.

How'd you find out about this site?: Lexie of course

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Lexie Greene

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Xirena Adolphus
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