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 Spencer (Hastings, oops I mean) Montgomery~

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PostSubject: Spencer (Hastings, oops I mean) Montgomery~   Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:42 am

Name: Spencer Montgomery

Species: Demi-God

History: Spencer Aray Montgomery lives with her mother in down town manhattan in a run down apartment, near her boarding school, (goode) She had always thought her father had left her and her mother because of his 'job' Which was a marine, and he got lost at sea. He left when Spencer was really young. Spence was brought to camp when she was ten because she was being chased by a monster, Her mother dropped her off at Camp, and a satyr named Grover took her past the boarders, and into safety. She returns to camp each summer, and school and to her mothers the rest of the school year.

Apperance: Spencer is semi short for her age, around four foot nine inches, maybe five foot even? Around there. She has Chestnut brown, sandy colored hair with natural brownish red highlights, complete with side bangs, her hair reaches just past her shoulder, and is slightly thin, and Usual layered. Her hair is natural wavy, but can also be naturally Straight as well. Spencer has Dimples, which you can only see when she smiles, She has a fairly nice smile, Perfect white teeth.. almost. She has a small birthmark on her left cheek, near her dimple. Spence has Stormy gray eyes that occasionally turn to a light blue or even a green. But only light colored, never to dark. Perhaps just a little dark at the most. Spence has an athletic build, she looks like track runner, or maybe a swimmer. She has long thin legs, and long arms. She is slim, well built, and thin. Tessa also has double piercings in each ear, the second piercing she only wears stud earings which she rarely takes out of changes.

Personality: Spencer can sometimes be a bit rude and mean, along with being a critic. Though most the time, she is only mean to her friends, who know she is only joking. Her constant mood swings are due to her ADHD. Spence is very stubborn and sassy, she likes to be leader, and show who's boss, and how to do things fast and right. She is rather witty at times as well. Spencer is very very friendly, especially to Newbies. She is extremely talkative, hyper, and wild. Spence is rather picky about her friends, Mostly because she wants to pick the life long ones, the good onces. Not the back stabbers and bad influence's. Spencer considers herself rather funny, and a big time prankster. She loves to pull pranks on people, usually only the people, who won't go nuts on her, and will most the time, prank her back, instead of getting mad, and crazy. Tessa is very energetic and loves to run around, and play sports, She loves to be outside, and be with her friends. Anything to get out of sitting home, doing nothing. She gets very antsy when she is just sitting there quietly for too long. Spence loves loves Loves music. She listens to it all the time, and even sings a little, as well as Play guitar.

RP Sample Please: Er...Must I? Wanna a Rp sample go on HBH and look up Summer R. Or any of my other characters..

How'd you find out about this site?: From me...

I ish Lexie ! :p

No not Spencer Hastings from pretty little liars XDD
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PostSubject: Re: Spencer (Hastings, oops I mean) Montgomery~   Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:43 am


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Spencer (Hastings, oops I mean) Montgomery~
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