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 Lucien Davis

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Lucien Davis


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PostSubject: Lucien Davis   Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:11 pm

Name: Lucien Davis

Birthday: 13/12/1994

History: Lucien lived in England all his life, until a couple of months ago. His parents had finally got the money together to move house, and had decided to move to New York. They were out over the ocean; near land when an apparent terrorist attack came to light (it was actually monsters attacking). The plane was on fire from a bomb that had been set off, and the plane was going down. Lucien managed to get out by opening the emergency doors and was sucked out the doors and fell the 30 metres into the ocean, breaking his arm then, and ending up bruised all over, but he was alive. Everyone else on board the plane died, including his parents and sister. He saw the plane crash and burn and saw all the people on board die, some of them on impact, others burning from the engine fuel that had lit when the plane crashed. He now stays in a hostel, and no longer has to see a psychiatrist to help him get over the deaths of his family and seeing everyone else on board the plane die. The house his parents had bought was sold, and Lucien now has the money in a bank account. Before they moved, he had been randomly attacked by monsters, for no reason that he could think of. No one believed him when he told them, so he learnt to keep quiet about it. The attacks started to get bad when he turned twelve, and have got worse over the years. Nothing seemed to get rid of them, but once, in desperation, he used his dagger (something he has had as long as he can remember), and found that it worked. Since then, he made sure he always had it on him, and he somehow managed to get it through airport security before his family and he got on the plane.

Appearance: Lucien has darkish hair, almost shoulder length, and deep blue eyes. He is usually seen wearing a blue t-shirt and either jeans or tracksuit bottoms. He is about 5’7, and weighs around 9 and a half stone. He enjoyed sport, and is muscly from all his time spent playing sport and at the gym. He is usually smiling, as he is usually in a good mood. He has a small dagger in a sheath on his belt, but doesn't have a sword yet, because he hasn't been able to find one that feels balanced in his hand. He has had the dagger for as long as he can remember, but doesn’t know how he got it. Neither of his parents ever talked about it. He always has it on him, and after years of using it, is quite good with it.

Personality: Before the accident, Lucien was a very happy person, and was always seen to be smiling. However, now that he is in the US with all his family dead, he is a quiet person. Once he gets talking to someone and feels comfortable, he relaxes a bit and becomes more talkative. He loves to play sports and makes sure he keeps fit. He is competitive when it comes to playing sports, but he isn’t a sore loser and usually just plays for the fun, although he does aim to win all the time. He loves basketball, soccer and swimming. He plays volleyball as well, but not as much, as there weren’t really any decent beaches back in England, and definitely none near where he lived for him to practice at. He also loves fire. He wasn’t a pyromaniac, but he did start a couple of small fires in burning bins just to watch them burn. He is good with his hands and likes to make stuff. All this may make him seem like a jock, but he is also good in lessons, and his best ones are chemistry and maths (when his dyslexia isn’t playing up too badly). He finds history interesting if it is ancient history, but modern history (like WW1 and 2) bores him.

RP Sample: Lucien woke up to a smell of burning and people screaming. He was on the plane over to the US, where his family had bought a house in New York. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked around, trying to see what everyone was screaming at. He shot up with a jolt of panic when he saw the fire and felt the plane going down. They were going to crash! He got up out of his chair and grabbed the inflatable life jacket under it. He put it on, pulled the line and the jacket inflated. He looked out of the window and saw they were still over the ocean, but he could see that they were very close to land. Rushing, Lucien went to open the emergency exit door and had to grab hold of the chairs inside as the air started to pull him out. They were higher up than he thought, but getting closer to the ground by the second. He tried to pull himself forward, away from the door, but lost his grip. He flew out of the door, and felt himself falling.

[i]This is it... I’m dead.[/i] No way can I survive this. He thought, as he fell. He felt the ocean smash into him as he fell into the water and a sharp, burning pain went up his arm. He got up to the surface, gasping for air, just in time to hear a BOOM! and see the plane crash. He felt numb with shock as he saw it almost blow up, and he saw the fire. People were in it, burning. Most he could tell were already dead, but he saw people running around, burning. They dropped to the floor, dead and still burning. Lucien turned his eyes away, trying not to be sick. No one could have survived that.

[i]No one... [/i]Lucien thought. He felt despair and depression overcome him as he realised that that included his parents and sister. They were dead! He was now an orphan, on a totally different continent, and he didn’t know anyone. He felt tears run down his face as he slowly made his way to the beach that the plane had crashed on. When he got there, he was so tired he couldn’t move. He collapsed, crying for his dead family until he heard sirens. Minutes later, the police, fire brigade and ambulance crew were there. He was found and took to hospital, where he was treated for a broken arm and a few bruised ribs. The fact that he had survived the fall from the plane was a miracle.
A few weeks later, he no longer had to see the psychiatrist, and was left in peace at the hostel he was now staying in. A bank account had been set up for him, with the money in it that had come from selling the house his parents had bought.
Lucien wouldn’t be the same for a long time. He had kept quiet about one big thing.

It hadn’t been terrorists attacking the plane.

It had been monsters.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucien Davis   Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:12 pm

Accepted(: Yay!

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Lucien Davis
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