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 Wandering among sharp objects

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Xirena Adolphus


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PostSubject: Wandering among sharp objects   Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:50 am

Xirena walked through Camp Half-Blood. It was so weird being here though, she did find the Armory and soon found herself and home. She walked around jumping back and forth between the shelves and walls of weapons. Among the ooing and awwing she couldn't help but find herself thinking about who her parent might be and who she might meet at camp.

She had never really made any friends so that would be a new experience for her but she was sure it was going to a fun thing. Though she also knew that she would also make an enemy though hopefully it would be that she was going to make a friend first. As Xirena reached out to touch a sword she heard footsteps to her side and she looked over to see someone. Though she couldn't see anyone maybe she was imagining it. Xirena turned her attention back to the sword.
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Lucien Davis


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PostSubject: Re: Wandering among sharp objects   Sat Sep 18, 2010 10:35 pm

Ah, the armoury. Lucien's second home now. His cabin, of course, was his first.

And why, you may ask, was the armoury his second home? Well, Lucien had recently been claimed by Hephaestus. And now, he was learning how to forge weapons. He had, as anyone would, started off kinda rubbish at it. But still better than most people, as it was a natural gift. He'd not really been see naround camp much since he arrived because he'd been busy getting better in the forge. And now, about a month and a bit later, he was an expert. That month and a bit had been a month and a bit of non-stop practice. As he was the cabin leader and, at the moment, the only resident of his cabin, he got to choose what he wanted to do. So apart from lucnh and dinner, he had been in the forge the whole time. It had done him good as well - his arms were now well muscled from the amount of metal he had to lift and smelt and hammer and file all day. The armoury was constantly been stocked up, rubbish weapons and armour been thrown out and replaced with new ones.

He heard footsteps come into the armoury and walked out of his forge to see who it was. There was a girl looking at a sword, one that he had made. It had been completed a couple of days ago, and Lucien was very proud of it.

Deciding not to be a total recluse, Lucien decided to introduce himself. If his voice itself didn't catch the girl's attention, his English accent probably would. It usually did, even when he didn't want it to.

"Hi there!" He said, walking over. "Lucien Davis, son of Hephaestus. I see your checking out a sword I made... what do ya think?"
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Wandering among sharp objects
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