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 The flock and I : Chap. One!

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Lexie Greene

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PostSubject: The flock and I : Chap. One!   Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:23 am

A Maximum Ride Fan fiction -

All Maximum Ride Characters belong to James Paterson.
Gracee Raycer and Abbie Ryder belong to me(:
(A/N: I felt the need to say Gracee's last name is pronounced Racer and Abbie's is Rider (: haha)

Gracee Shuffled, Kicking up some dirt as she walked. Her hands stuffed deep in the pockets of her black wind breaker, Which covered her wings. Even though to some people Gracee, along with the flock, was considered freaks, her wings were her prized processions. Thirteen-Foot wingspan, With White bottom feathers, and blue-ish gray Top feathers with small brown-ish black 'freckle' like spots along them.
Gracee looked up, her blonde hair flying into her face from the slight breeze, her blue eyes created a gaze, that went up into the tree's that surrounded her. She Swore she had heard a noise somewhere in the darkened branches, a figure deep in the shadows was spotted high up in the tree just feet from where she was standing.
Gracee took a step back, "Who's there."


Abbie jumped down from the tree, making a Thud As her black sneakers connected with the dirt.
"Gracee Raycer," Abbie said as she took a step forward, still in a half crouch, from the jump down. "Never thought I'd see you around here again." Abbie shook her head, "Your pretty brave showing your face around here." she said standing up straighter. Walking forward, her dark brown hair blowing behind her, as she walked, from the wind, Her bangs covering her green eyes. Her dark colored clothing blending in with the shadows, and standing out as she walked into the sun.


Gracee smirked, She should've known. "Abigail Ryder." She said, trying to keep up with her poker face, Why should She of all people be scared of Abbie? After all Gracee Had been the one to destroy the last of the Eraser - Bird - Things. And she had Saved both Nudge and Gazzy from death..TWICE! In One day (Long story Don't ask) She deserved to be a part of the flock still, Not Abbie. I mean What Good had Abbie done? Just because She is so much Like Fang, and Max wrapped up in one doesn't mean she has to be there. OKay So maybe Max is using her as comfort since Fang left. But Still!! Okay so yea, Gracee had blown her top, and Got kicked out of the Flock. But It was them (Max/Iggy/Nudge/Gazzy/Angel) Who had said no members in the flock but them And Fang. And Yet they had let in Abbie and Gracee. Sometimes it Gave Gracee head ache's trying to make sence of it all. "Yea, I'm here, What are Ya going to do about it?" She asked, popping her gum loudly. Just to Annoy Abbie.


Abbie rolled her eyes and smirked. "Oh Give me a break. Your so immature. A waste of time. Call me when you've got something real, Kid." Abbie said, Walking past her, Bumping shoulders as she walked by. Spinning around, "Oh by the way, I know What your thinking about doing. I'll have gaurds up tomorrow morning. So don't even think about it." Abbie grinned, and in the dim light of the shadows she looked like the cheshier cat - murder style. She let her all black wings unfold, and air out behind her.


Gracee glanced over her shoulder watching as Abbie walked by, Oh did I forget to mention, Abbie can see the future. Although its forever changing, It's a pain to be around her, for many reasons. And thats just one of them. "Well i guess we Will both see about that Abigail. now won't we." She said taking a step forward, in the opposite Direction Abbie had gone, Flicking her short blonde hair out of her eyes. "I'll see you tomorrow Ryder. And don't forget, i fight, Hard." She grinned to herself. And Flipped her wings out, Flapping down hard, and rising out into the air.

© This is MY story - No stealing!! I worked really hard on it! Part two coming soon!))

~----------(:My Signature's:)-------------~
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The flock and I : Chap. One!
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