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 Felicity Chance

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Felicity Chance


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PostSubject: Felicity Chance   Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:12 pm

Name: Felicity Chance

Species:(Satyr, Demigod, Immortal, Ect) Demigod

History: Felicity has lived in New York for much of her life. She used to live in Missouri with her step-mother (Real mother is unknown), and father. When Felicity was 4, her family had to move to New York because of a strange creature chasing Felicity through a forest. She'd been walking with a friend and her step-mother when a hellhound jumped out and attacked them. She hadn't met any other monsters since, but it wasn't worth the risk. They moved away, far away.

Apperance: Felicity has long blond hair. Her hair is a little longer than shoulder length. She is around the tall mark for her age. She has bright blue eyes and is very attractive. When a hellhound attacked her when she was 4, she had no choice but to run. That explains the scars on her back.

Personality: Felicity is a very caring friend. She can be discriminating; judging the book by its cover and not giving people much of a chance. But she's a very loyal friend when you get to know her. She's selfless and a good listener. Her attitude towards certain things might not always be positive, but she usually finds a way to turn that around.

RP Sample Please: Carly was awake at about 5:30 in the morning one day. She decided to walk around the Strawberry Fields. Only Dionysus, Chiron, and a few Apollo campers were awake. It was unusual for Carly to be awake this early, but she was excited. She had just arrived at Camp Half-Blood, and was waiting to be claimed by a god/goddess. She walked down a column in the Fields.
All of a sudden, a cold wind blew her hair all around and made her shiver. She started to go back up to the Cabins because she wasn't sure what was going to happen next. Then, another wind, harsher this time, almost knocked her down. She straightened her hair and stumbled on standing back up. Carly turned around and found herself staring up at a large monster; and it was inside Camp Half-Blood.

How'd you find out about this site?: HBH
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Isaac Garner

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PostSubject: Re: Felicity Chance   Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:31 pm

Well Felicity, I think the word here must be ACCEPTED!
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Felicity Chance
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