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 Jay Doran, Jay Doran, Jay Doran ran ran!

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Jay Doran


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PostSubject: Jay Doran, Jay Doran, Jay Doran ran ran!   Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:54 pm

Name: Jay Doran

Species: Demigod

History: Jay used to live in a perfectly nice semi-detatched house in California with his father. Of course, when you're a Demigod it never really lasts. He was 15 when he saw the massive thing that practically ruined several perfectly good trees and his life. One day, when he was on his way home from school, alone (oh, perfect), he came across a many-headed creature. He'd read about it, of course, and he knew that it was a Hydra. He dropped his bag on the floor and retrieved his Swiss Army knife, which he opened and shoved the blade into it's reptilian heart. It didn't work, surprisingly enough. Luckily, a cloud appeared and a 15 year-old boy camed from it and simply zapped the beast with Lightning. A shocked Jay simply fell over and fainted. He awake, accompanied by the guy who had come from the cloud. The guy was Isaac Garner, Son of Zeus, and he explained everything.

Apperance: Jay has short, blonde hair. He has green eyes and slightly pale skin. He is quite tall and muscled. He often wears a grey t-shirt with jeans. Usually, girls at school seemed to like him, but he usually didn't go out with them because he didn't belive that he looked that good.

Personality: Jay is a rather modest lad. He loves the dark and the colour black, but he isn't a Goth. He is quite smart somtimes, but loses concentration easily enough sometimes. He is a bit of a charmer, but he likes girls more then he talks to them usually. He likes pizza and bubblegum more then is mentally healthy.

RP Sample Please: Snow fell from the sky and the sound of Jonah's Apparition was drowned out by the wind as it whistled past the Student's ears. The Templar University stood strong and proud with students going in and out of the doors. Two pretty French teenage girls walked past and looked at his tan, which must have seemed odd in the cold weather. They looked at him and he smiled, so they giggled. They didn't seem the kind he would want for his group of followers or friends that would help him to capture Europe. He sighed and carried on searching for those who could help him take over the Continent. Witches and Wizards alike wandered past him, but none yet showed the potential he needed. He sat down on a bench so he didn't look as creepy and then lay back against it. One girl had reminded him of his Aunt Erin, who would go down in History as the one who had told Jonah Rivers about Gellert Grindelwald. He would dedicate his exploits to her. Everything he was doing was for the Greater Good.

How'd you find out about this site?: I own it
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Isaac Garner

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PostSubject: Re: Jay Doran, Jay Doran, Jay Doran ran ran!   Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:55 pm

100 percent totally inevitably ACCEPTED!
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Jay Doran, Jay Doran, Jay Doran ran ran!
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