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 Kevin Streamer

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Kevin Streamer

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PostSubject: Kevin Streamer   Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:32 pm

Name: Kevin Streamer
Species: Demigod
History: Kevin was born on the 13th of July 1994. He was 8 pounds exactly and really cute. He grew up in New Jersey until, around a Month after his 16th Birthday. He went to a normal Primary School and a normal High School. He had a few frineds and several girlfriends, but his Mother never was usual. She acted wierd whenever he brought friends home, asking them if they had both of their parents. WHenever they didn't, she'd keep on eying them suspiciously. Almost as though she expected them to start doing backflips in the middle of the Garden or something. Instead of getting a Car when he turned 16, Kevin got a Motorbike. It was a Silver Honda CBF1000 Motorbike which he used to pick up his friends on the last day of school.
During the Holidays, Kevin was on his Motorbike with his friend, Jacob Nettle, when a Hydra burst into the rode. Naturally, Kevin swerved, but Jacob dove of the bike and flipped a coin that was in his pocket, whcih turned into a sword. He gave Kevin a piece of Paper with an address in Long Island. It also had two addresses for Hotels which were on the way, and some money for Petrol was in the envelope taped to the back. Kevin understood what to do. He drove the Motorbike to each of the Hotels for the Night and then on the Third day he arrived at the Addrress, wondering where people would think he had gone and what was at the final Address. He arrived at a Pine Tree where a Dragin was sleeping and he asked a 12 year-old boy what was happening. The boy was Jay Doran, Son of Nyx.
Apperance: Kevin has brown eye which sometimes sparkle. He's quite tall and muscled, and he had freckles spattered across his nose. His skin is caucasian, but he sometimes has a slight tan. He has long, dark hair, but isn't so much a mophead. He often wears a blue 'The Script' T-shirt, a grey Jacket and some blue Denim Jeans. Some girls find him handsome, but others don't.
Personality: Kevin wasn't the smartest, fastest or strongest in his class. He has a B-A average in his school, and the only thing he was best at was Swimming. He also did well at Kayaking, Horse Riding and Canoeing. He's also quite a good driver on both Cars and Motorbikes. He can play the Piano and he reached Grade 5 in Jazz. He was quite good at Archery and Riflery.
RP Sample Please: Alex was in the same position for the third time. Chased through the Woods by some Hellhound or other. Maybe his Father and Hades were having a quarrel, but it was unfair to take it out on the kid! Honestly! This time, however, he was prepared. He took out the Coin and pressed the centre so it became curved knife. He then tossed it through the air like a Boomerang. It took out the Dog and then zoomed back to it's owner, who caught it. A splendid kill. Alex ran on and arrived at a small clearing where a girl, who looked around 14, who happened to be holding a dead bird, laughing and proclaiming that it was dead to nobody inparticular. Alex spoke up, saying, "I hope it wasn't you who took it out, that's a nice bird."
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Isaac Garner

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PostSubject: Re: Kevin Streamer   Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:36 pm

I would say that you are rather ACCEPTED
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Kevin Streamer
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