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 Griffin Dorian

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Griffin Dorian


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PostSubject: Griffin Dorian   Wed Aug 25, 2010 7:01 pm

Griffin Dorian


Griffin grew up with his mother and father, not knowing the truth about who he was. He had a younger brother and a younger sister, and although his parents claimed that they were his half siblings, Griffin didn’t really mind and he loved spending time with them. He grew up pretty carefree and not really worrying about anything. All he knew was that he was loved by his parents, and that was all that mattered to him.

When he was eleven, Griffin was told that one of his parents was not actually his parent, but his mother and father refused to say anything more. Griffin was so upset by this news that he left home and wandered the streets until he was found by a satyr and taken to Camp Half-Blood. That was when he started to lose faith in life, love, and starting developing a temper. He was still a good guy, but he learned to harden himself to avoid getting hurt again.

Camp Half-Blood was an even better home for Griffin than his home growing up. He felt much more comfortable there, and trained hard to work on himself and really develop who he was. Despite this, he kept his hard demeanor and continuously pushed people away, working only on himself. Deep down, the boy’s biggest wish is that someday he can become more comfortable in his own skin and start to get along better with people.

Griffin is a handsome guy, with dark wavy hair and hazel eyes. He usually has a smile on his face (in an attempt to hide how he feels). When he’s not smiling, Griffin is smirking or has a hard look on his face to keep people away. Usually found in comfortable clothes like jeans, a loose t-shirt and dirty sneakers, Griffin doesn’t exactly give off the appearance of someone who really cares. He will basically do anything to keep people away from him, including making sure he looks tough and a little intimidating.

Griffin can have a pretty open mind once someone gets him to open up…although that’s not all too common. The problem is Griffin hides his emotions, and he does it well. He really doesn’t like the idea of people seeing how vulnerable he can be, on top of other things, so he keeps a cool and collected demeanor at all times. Griffin’s biggest fear is finding someone who can really read him and see the true him, mainly because he has spent so long hiding that.

Griffin is very independent. Having left home and gone to Camp Half-Blood at age eleven, he learned early. Griffin is a hard worker, and will stop at nothing to reach his goals in life, even though at this point, he has no idea what they are. He has a slight temper, which is why he left home so early. This is another reason why Griffin pushes people away, he thinks he can do everything on his own.

Griffin’s fatal flaw is his lack of trust. There are very rare times where he tries to trust, but he always gets scared and backs out in the end. This is another thing he is really trying to work on, because he hates that something he feels is so ridiculous is his fatal flaw as a demigod.

RP Sample Please:
It was reaching that time of year when all the campers would be going back to school, Percy included. It was a scary, yet reassuring thought that he had made it to his senior year of high school. Despite everything that had happened, the summer was ending and Percy would be finishing school at Goode, with his stepfather as an English teacher. How awkward was that? But then again, Percy supposed it wasn't half as awkward as fighting monsters or leading a group of demigods into battle. But that was life. Well, life for a demigod. Rolling his eyes, Percy approached the arena next to the armory, wanting to get out and practice with Riptide a little more before the school year started and he looked like a nerd carrying an extra pen in his pocket.

As he reached the arena, Percy's pet hellhound, Mrs. O'Leary, bounded over to him, her tongue hanging out. "Hey girl," the boy smiled, petting her as best as he could and pulling a giant dog treat out. "You think I would come over without something for you?" he laughed, giving the huge hellhound her treat. Percy would definitely miss Mrs. O'Leary over the school year, as he always did...not getting into the time when she had turned up in his school auditorium (another story, another day). As he watched the animal enjoy her treat, Percy looked at the dummies in front of him. At this point, they always seemed too lame to really fight. After fighting every monster known to Greek "mythology", a straw dummy just seemed kind of...well, ridiculous. But it would still be better to get something in before he went nine months without any training (his mother wouldn't let him train in the apartment at all). Monsters still popped up at times, especially for the son of Poseidon, but Percy had truly learned how to handle himself well, while attempting to have a normal school year...a laughable thought.

Percy pulled out his pen, that was actually his sword, and pulled off the cap, a three foot long blade of celestial bronze glowing in front of him. Mrs. O'Leary barked, chewing up a couple of dummies, making Percy smile. He shook his head. "Come on, girl," the boy laughed. "Let me get some training in, okay?" The hellhound let out a loud 'arf' and bounded over, licking Percy again. Ew, massive hellhound drool. The boy took it all in stride, though, how could he not? As Mrs. O'Leary ran to the other side of the arena, probably because she saw some birds or something, Percy laughed, eyeing one of the dummies in front of him.

The dummy didn't have a chance. It's straw head rolled off in a matter of seconds...well that was...kind of lame. It wasn't like Percy was wishing a monster upon himself, that would be crazy, even for a demigod...even for a demigod like him. But there were always times that Percy wanted a little more...the thrill of a real fight. It was fun to spar and all, but rarely a challenge. And when new campers wandered over, Percy felt pretty good teaching them. And yet there was still an odd longing that always lingered. It was that missing the adrenaline rush, the thrill of a battle. But in the meantime, slicing heads off of straw dummies would have to do.

How'd you find out about this site?: Alex (or whatever your name is on here ^^)
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PostSubject: Re: Griffin Dorian   Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:04 pm

I ish Alex! Well, accepted
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Griffin Dorian
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