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 Emily Ford

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Emily Ford


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PostSubject: Emily Ford   Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:43 pm

Name: Emily Ford

Species: Demigod

History: Emily’s history is a long and twisted tale that she doesn’t like to get into. She was born in England on the 8th of April 1996. Her mother was a mortal, her father a god. She had an older brother who wasn’t a demi-god. Her “Father” and mother split up when she was around 6 months old and then everything went downhill. Her mother started doing drugs, and to get the money for that she started selling herself on the streets at night. One day when Emily was one year old her mother left her and her brother alone in the house, saying she was just going around to the corner shop, of course, been gullible children they actually believed her. After 18 hours of her brother yelling for help through the letterbox someone actually heard and went to get her aunt and uncle who just lived down the street. Eventually they were saved and got put under the care of her “father”
By the age of 11 Emily had moved house numerous times, always for reasons to do with her father’s work or because they didn’t like the area they were living in. She had a constant feeling that they were running from something. But what? She started having the feeling that she was been watched as well and it was really freaking her out, then on the day of her eleventh birthday she got a letter from her Mum. It explained almost everything, Camp Halfblood, Demigods but the one thing she didn’t explain was why she did what she did. Emily was bewildered. She thought it was all some stupid joke, but it wasn’t. She tried living at home normally until the monster attacks got so much worse. Now she had been told she was a demigod more monsters seemed to find her. In her spare time, after school, and on Weekends she learned how to fight with swords, spears daggers, bows and arrows, all weapons really. She was good at fighting. She had joined the Athletics team at school, she was good at it, another reason for people to hate her. She didn’t care though, she didn’t have time for friends.
When she turned 13 they moved to an Apartment in New York, getting closer to camp made her feel better because the monster attacks were more frequent and getting worse. She didn’t bother starting school, preferring to learn at home. Been home school had some massive plusses. Instead of having to study languages and other meaningless things she learnt more about the Greek gods, she found that her dyslexia was actually because she was hardwired to read Ancient Greek, she already knew that the ADHD was her battle reflexes. Instead of doing P.E she practiced her fighting skills, learning Martial Arts as well, stuff like Karate and Tae-Kwon-do.
When she was fourteen years old she made the decision to go to camp. She was sick of putting her family in danger even if they weren’t really her proper family. Her ‘father’ was a Mortal who could see through the mist, he had known about camp and the gods and such, he just didn’t know that his daughter was actually a demigod and not his daughter until she found out. It had come as a shock to them all. He accompanied her to the bottom of the hill but left her there saying that he couldn’t go up with her because of the magical borders, even though they actually started at the top of the hill. She had packed most of her stuff and had brought every single one of her weapons with her.

Appearance: Emily has ginger hair that she sometimes dyes red or blonde. She is 5”3 so kinda small for her age. Her eyes are a browny green colour that never seems to want to decide on what colour its really supposed to be. She doesn’t really wear make-up, but if she does its normally just a bit of eyeliner. She wears skinny jeans a lot of the time with long t-shirts and hoodie’s. She always carries some sort of weapon on her, a sword, or a dagger or her bow.

Personality: Emily has a temper that matches her hair: Fiery. She gets mad easily, but don’t let that get to you. If you actually talk to her and get to know her then you will see that she’s a nice happy-ish person. She can be closed off and she doesn’t like talking about her past. She was traumatised by what happened when she was a baby and will not go into dark rooms or areas. She hates enclosed spaces and refuses to go into elevators.

RP Sample Please: hahaha...really? ermm....Okay...I’ll use my death of of HBH:
Emily wondered through the forest alone. She knew this was probably a bad idea seeing as how many monsters there were about and she had heard rumors in camp that a Manticore was running around in the depths of the forest. Of course Emily didn’t believe that. What person would be stupid enough to unleash a Manticore? As she walked she noticed how it was becoming colder and darker and finally paying attention to her surroundings she noticed she had gotten deeper into the forest than she thought she had. “Oops. Better head back before I get lost.” She said to herself. As she turned around she thought she saw a bush rattle a bit, but dismissing it as the wind she carried on walking. Then hearing it louder she turned around and saw a monster emerging. It had the body of a lion, with a human head with three rows of sharp teeth and a spiked tail. “The Manticore!” Emily said, her face turning a nasty shade of white. She turned and ran as fast as she could, the trees beginning to thin and daylight streaming through the branches, camp in sight she sighed relieved. She turned around to see how far behind the Manticore was and as she did so she saw a long black spike flying towards her. It went straight through her heart, sending her flying and pinning her to a tree. She was dead instantly.

When Emily opened her eyes she was in a completely different place. It looked like she was in some sort of Lawyers building. She frowned and headed towards the elevator doors. Normally she would be filled with fear at the thought of going in an elevator, but this time she wasn’t, which was strange. As she reached the doors a cloaked figure stepped in front of her and said, “Ah-ah. No entry...not yet. Go wait with all the others until I call you.” Emily frowned again and then turned heading over to where everyone else was. Some of them looked to have died nasty deaths, but others looked completely normal.

How'd you find out about this site?: Well My bro’s on it...and I got PMed asking to join XD

Hahaha...seems i used all my muse on my history and left none for anything else XD
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Isaac Garner

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PostSubject: Re: Emily Ford   Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:51 am

ACCEPTED! I ish the PMer!
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Emily Ford
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