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 Lexie Greene

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Lexie Greene

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PostSubject: Lexie Greene   Fri Jul 16, 2010 6:53 pm

Name: Lexie Greene
Species: Half-Blood
History: Lexie's life was always filled with 'excitement' So much always happening. She was born and raised in Manhattan, Her mother died from cancer, when Lex was eight, She had never met her father before, and was slightly disappointed in him for leaving. She was angry with her life, and decided to runaway. Living on the streets for a few years, running around, trying to stay save, she ran into a few other kids who were 'like her' Older of course, and seemed more wise. They explained to Lexie that she was a half blood. They told her she was very powerful, and needed to be taken to 'camp right a way' Of course that took a while, defeating monsters, battling to survive, and still trying to make it to camp. On there way, They had found yet again another Half blood, Being attacked by a monster, the young girl was only 7 or 8 like Lex, but they were unable to save her, Praying too the gods to let her into the Isle of the blest, they burned a small 'shroud' they had made in her honor. Lexie had become semi-close friends with the young girl, and dreaded the funeral. The young girl had, had a small baby kitten, which Lexie now has, and takes great care for. She named her Oakley.

The other half-bloods brought Lexie to Camp Half-blood finally, and she stayed there for years, Hoping to be claimed, she trains and trains each day, when one day her only two friends at camp, went off on a quest, but she wasn't allowed to go, It has been two years and her friends have not 'returned' She knows they have died, she just can't bring herself to admit it. A few years back, she got adopted by foster parent, Mr. and Mrs. Kahill, and attends boarding school, and goes to camp each summer. Of course her foster parents see trough the mist, and tend to her half-blood needs. She is still attending camp today, hoping to be claimed.

Appearance: Lexie has long brown hair, with lighter brown almost blond lowlights. Her hair reaches her mid back, and is wavy and sometimes straight, she likes to experiment with it, change the coloring, the length, the look, the whole package. She is semi-short for her age, and just tiny. (Which 'Tiny' is one of her many nicknames) She is thin, slim, and has the athletic look, long legs, and arms. She is slightly tan, yet sometimes pale. She has a round, yet heart shaped face, a little button nose, and light blue eyes, which sometimes fade to a light green, sometimes darker. Lexie has small hands, and ears. Some people say she looks like she is still a kid, just in a older girls body. Lexie enjoys being the small one, occasionally.

Personality: Lexie is very unique her personality changes with her mood, She is girly, and sweet and very friendly and kind one moment, and all grumpy and the exact opposite the next. The mood you will see the most is her sweet soft side. She is a rather stubborn girl, self-opinionated, strong willed, and a fair fighter, as well as a strong fighter. She hates to be a follower, and loves to be a leader. She can get scared fairly easy, but some times, is never scared. She is confident but needs the feeling of being secure and save, as well as always being on the lookout of adventure. She is defiantly
one to trust though,m a great friend,a good listener, and a talker. Ooh A big talker she is. She is always on the lookout for back stabbers, and true friend. She can tell when people are lying, and when people are being truthful. She is a very very curious person..

Rp Sample: Must I really?

How did you find out about this site?: from you Isaac

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Isaac Garner

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PostSubject: Re: Lexie Greene   Fri Jul 16, 2010 6:55 pm

That sucked sooooo much it was unbelievable! ACCEPTED, Admin!
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Lexie Greene
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