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 Two god worlds

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Alexandra Wolfar


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PostSubject: Two god worlds   Fri Aug 27, 2010 12:59 pm

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Two god worlds

The Greek gods rule above America, unknown by the normal mortals. But now the Viking gods have decided to take over America, because they think it is right. They have discovered America first, and so they wanted to have it now after many years. But the Greek gods do not want to go away from America. The two struggle, the only one who do not really interfere into these fightings is Artemis. She has demigods of both Greek and Viking gods with her, so it would be no god if she fought with the others.
The Oracle of Delphi and the Viking goddess Frigg had the same vision. The Oracle had told the demigods in Camp Half-Blood about that. Frigg had told nobody, like she did it the whole time.

The pride of the gods stand in the way
They do not listen what somebody say.
A boy and a girl, seeing no connection at all
shall find the way to rise or fall.
What´s first not there should soon appear,
against all things they ever fear.
On their way they will meet some Em
but not everything they should beleave them.
From world to world the travel goes
untill finding the worst of the foes.
One belongs here, the other one there
and with some luck and whit they belong everywhere.
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Two god worlds
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