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 Hai, people... me again ^.^

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Catalina Brighton

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PostSubject: Hai, people... me again ^.^   Sat Aug 28, 2010 4:45 am

Name: Catalina Brighton
Species:(Satyr, Demigod, Immortal, Ect) Huntress this time, please!!
History: Catalina Brighton, was born into a rich family, on the date of January 30, 1996. She grew up with both of her parents, or at least, that's what she believed. She lived in Maine until she was eight, moving to Manhattan when her mother got a job. Throughout her short life, Catalina always had these flash backs to a women. She had never seen the women, but she always saw this women smiling down on her. She never knew who the women was, she always used to think she was physcic, thinking that she would meet the women in the future.

Any way, Catalina moved to New York with her family, going to school at a local Catholic School. She had many friends there, even with her ADHD and dyslexia. Catalina herself didn't even know about her condition, her friends suspect she was just very, very hyper. Until she invited one of them over to her apartment when she was ten. Her friend pressed her about her conditions, even about her own mother.

Catalina herself had never realized that she didn't look like her mother. Not until her friend told her. She began to have suspicions, always wondering who she really was. Though she kept her thoughts to her self. Catalina separated herself from the boy who she had invited over, not wanting to be questioned again.

Catalina had almost forgotten about the entire thing, when her father asked about the boy. He obviously knew something she didn't. She ended up asking why he asked, and that triggered it. He went into this whole rant about how he didn't know who she was, he didn't know. He explained that the women she had grown up calling 'mom' wasn't actually related to her. Her mother was a Grecian goddess. After hearing this, she fell straight to the floor, passed out.

While Catalina was passed out, her 'mother' and father made the decision it was time for her to go to camp. Her 'mother' was in fact one of the few demigods that survived. Her mother was a daughter of Apollo, she sang in concerts. They dropped her off with a note and all her stuff, leaving her to wake up confused and scared. She was only ten.

Catalina was instantly amazed with the huntresses. She had made her decision in the Hermes Cabin the second week of staying at camp. She was going to be a huntress. Catalina became a Huntress the first day of her second summer at camp. She was 11 by that time, and she was pretty sure she would want to stay that age. Of course, it was a big decision for a ten year old, and later, she would probably regret it.

((Sorry so long and terrible!!))

Apperance: Catalina has wavy dark brown hair, that falls to her chest. Her eyes are big and brown, they seem to penetrate into your soul when their gaze falls upon you. Catalina will forever look eleven, unless, of course she breaks one of the rules of the huntresses. ((Which is the whole plot for this charrie. *Nods*)) She is on the taller side for a eleven year old, reaching 5 feet. Her worry lines show often, she is always fighting herself over something.

Personality: Catalina definitely has an attitude. She's bossy, and persistant, never giving up. Catalina, of course, has a nice side. Sometimes, but only sometimes, can a boy be Catalina's friend. She pretty friendly, sometimes. Very shy half the time though. Catalina's personality jumps around pretty often.

RP Sample Please: Must I?
How'd you find out about this site?: I ish a moderater ^^ (Adella)
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Isaac Garner

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PostSubject: Re: Hai, people... me again ^.^   Sat Aug 28, 2010 11:27 am

ACCEPTED! He he, It's Adella.
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Hai, people... me again ^.^
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