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 Hayden Lemasters

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Hayden Lemasters


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PostSubject: Hayden Lemasters   Tue Sep 07, 2010 6:41 am

Name: Hayden Lemasters
Species:(Satyr, Demigod, Immortal, Ect) Demi God
History: Hayden lived in down town Manhattan In a small two bedroom house with his Mother, and two dogs. His father 'Left them' when Hayden was very young. One year, in the seventh grade, Hayden had met a girl named Emliy Mason, she had told him that he was a demi god, and he had to come with her now, later he had run from home, well more he had been chased away. He never got to explain to his mother, or tell her anything, though he was sure she already knew. Following Emily, they ran away together on the streets for days! Making there way to this 'camp' Emily has told him that she had met a satyr just days before, but he had dies. Using only the little instructions they had, the ran through the maze of New york trying to find this camp. They knew the couldn't ask others, but they stayed brave. Along the way, Hayden had explained to Emily that he swore he saw movement in the ally, someone being chased? Emily disapeared into the Ally way, when she returned she had a small child, possibly only 6 or 7 years old. "She's one of us. Her name is Lexie Greene." She had told Hayden. Together the three of them had bonded, very close, and eventually made there way to camp. Only a year later, Emily and Hayden had gotten chosen for a quest. Though Hayden had gotten lost, and injured, Emily, Killed. He hadn't seen camp since. Nearly four/five years ago.

Apperance: Hayden has brownish blonde hair, that reaches just past his ears, and just to his eye brows, He is always shaking his hair from his eyes. Hayden has bright blue eyes, almost a green color, and yet almost a pale blue, white color. He has tan skin, a perfect beach boy. He is tall, and thin. And quiet Muscular. He has a swimmers body, and is quiet lean, and slim. He likes to show off his muscules.

Personality: Hayden is easy-going, he likes to make friends, and hates to lose them. Although he likes to have friends, he is secretive about most things in his life. When ever he makes an accomplishment, he likes to brag about it, but tries to make it discreet. His pet peeve is not knowing what people think of him, so he tries to make people think he's modest and nice. Though he is nice, he isn't modest. Hayden is the opposite of shy essentially, whenever someone is having second thoughts about anything, Hayden will jump right in. This has gotten him in trouble more than once. Hayden also loves music, he loves writing it, listening to it, making it. He Loves winning, and likes to challange others, he also isn't afraid of a challange either.

RP Sample Please: Kayla had heard some of the other hunters had come, Well weren't they a bit late? Kayla had arrived days ago, gotten into some trouble, but still had arrived. Wondering through the woods, She held her bow by her side, her quiver of arrows hung over her back. Kay had her long slick black hair was tied back in a high pony tail, cheerleader style, She had a small braid going around the crown of her her head, and down her pony tail. Her side swept bangs fell into her right bright blue eye. In the sun light her eyes almost had a greenish color, her pale skin looked extra pale today, in the bright sun her silverish glow seemed extra bright.

Kayla wore her simple every day outfit, blue jeans, that hugged her legs, and flared out at the bottom, a sky blue shirt and in black cursive type font, was printed "Hunter Chicks, We shoot it better." And on the back was printed in clear bold font, "Rayne, The Princess." Kayla also wore white nike shoes, and a black belt around her pants.
Quietly walking through the woods she spotted two figures ahead, both of which she knew were campers.

One of the two feminine figures, had spiky black hair, punk clothes, and a silver glow. Kay perked up, a grin stretched across her face, Thalia!!! She squealed in her mind happily. "Thalia!!" She squealed happily out loud, before looking at the other figure, a small petit figure, with curly reddish brown hair, bright green eyes, freckles, and a pale complexion, she looked devious, and sneaky, almost like a hermes child, but worse.

Kayla walked up, well jogged up to the two girls, she grinned at Thalia, and did a small curtsy, "Miss. Grace." She said and turned to the red headed girl and stuck out her hand, straightening up. "Hello Miss. Kayla. Kayla Rayne, Hunter of Artemis. And Thou are?" She asked in a heavy old english accent. When Kayla was younger she had caught onto a lot of the older Hunters old english accent. She couldn't help it, it was just an addicting accent. Kayla shifted uneasily, dropping her hand, since obviously the girl wasn't going to shake it. Kayla waited for either of the girls reply.

(Its a girl character of mine.. cause.. im a girl XP )
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Isaac Garner

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PostSubject: Re: Hayden Lemasters   Tue Sep 07, 2010 6:20 pm

Accepted, I suppose you may have been claimed on the Quest... I'll PM you about it, don't RP yet.
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Hayden Lemasters
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