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 Ride in style ((Open))

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Kevin Streamer

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PostSubject: Ride in style ((Open))   Sun Sep 12, 2010 1:58 pm

The Honda CBF 1000 Motorbike skidded to a halt in the sunny valley of Camp Half-Blood. The Rider checked the slip of paper, making sure of where he was, and then leaned the Bike against a Pine Tree that stood there, guarded by a Dragon and playing host to something very shiny. It sparkled under the Sun and made the Rider think of gold. Truth was, as he found out, that it was a Golden Fleece, like the one fromthat old film with the clay skeletons. He smiled at the Dragon which purred at him and breathed smoke through it's nose. He laughed and patted it's head, and the reptile smiled lazily. Suddenly, the Rider heard footsteps behind him and span around, steel knife in hand, saing, "Hello? Where exactly am I? I'm sort of new here. By the way, I'm Kevin Streamer."

((Wow, how lame can you get?))
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Ride in style ((Open))
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