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 Recieving a Prophecy, (Hayden, uhm... open?))

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Lexie Greene

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PostSubject: Recieving a Prophecy, (Hayden, uhm... open?))   Wed Sep 22, 2010 6:08 am

Lexie walked up to the big house silently, she yawned, and stretched her arms out, shuffling her feet up the porch steps of the big house. Rubbing her eyes, which she spent nearly 20 minutes trying to cover the purple rings with make up. No luck. She was way tired. Throwing open the door, she began to wonder why Chiron wanted to speak to her? Walking through the hall, it felt like every board creeked under her light footsteps, every eye she passes starred at her, like she was the walking dead. She gave them all weird looks. Whats wrong with theses people? She shook her head.

Lexie walked into Chirons little room, after knocking on the door, "Chiron?" She asked quietly, Chrion smiled, "Child!" He grinned, his arms spread. Lexie stepped forward, her lips pursed, her arms by her side, fingers locked. She smiled weakly. "You wanted something?" This obviously was something important.. What? What? What!? "My dear, you have been chosen.." He paused.
Lexie's eyes widened, her palms felt sweaty. "..A..A quest?" She stuttered the end of his sentance. He grinend and nodded. "Go on up, enjoy!" He said, and turned away.
Lexie walked out, and down the hall towards the stairs, There she walked up two the second floor, down the hall to the last door on the Left.

She knocked three times, "Rachel?" She asked, as the door opened. Rachel grinned, and said her hello's. Lexie came in, and Rachel sat down. Lexie gulped, "Oh boy." She whispered.

Rachel's voice changed, and she began to spoke, as green smoke poured out.
'Daughter of Love, Sun of Light.' Went the first verse. thats easy, her and an Apollo kid, Hayden.
Shall travel to learn and travel to fight,' Easy, The travel, they learn, they fight.
'Where once was love, Is now hate.' ..wait? Love.. Hate? What?
'Two for two, a switch shall take.' A switch.. A switch.. Holy crap! Lexie clicked, another quest has taken place already, someone will switch quest groups.. who?
'A problem aboard, a fire to start,' Aboard? A ship? Fire... on the.. ship? Huh?
'Death may take, to end thy heart,' Death?!? Lexie gasped, Her? she bit her thuumb nail.. great.
'Quietness shall fill, ones ears,' Deafness? WHO???
'Comfort at last, to settle for years.' Huh? Lexie shook her head, what?
'A choice to make, a heart to take' A choice?..A choice..?

RAchel blinked, and it was over. The words rang like a bell in Lex's ears, in amonotone way, she said Bye to Rachel, and without even noticing, she rose, and left the room, walked out and left the big house, she stood on the porch, frozen in thought.

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Recieving a Prophecy, (Hayden, uhm... open?))
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