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 Kaylee Tucker

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Kaylee Tucker


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PostSubject: Kaylee Tucker   Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:56 am

Name:Kaylee Tucker
Species:(Satyr, Demigod, Immortal, Ect):Demigod
History:Kaylee was born on June 03, 1999. She remembered when she was left in the front door of a rich family's house. She was told that her parents died in a car accident but she doesn't know about her biological parents, She has ADHD and dyslexia, for a dyslexic she loves to read but has sloppy hand writing, at the age of 8 a satyr met her and took her to a camp.

Apperance:Kaylee has dark brown hair and blue eyes, She loves to wear anything that doesn't involve frills or dresses. Kaylee loves to wear pigtails and ponytails, Kaylee has a cut on her right shoulder from a cyclops attack.

Personality:She is caring, and understanding always loyal to her friends. She will be there for you when you need her and will always be there to make you laugh. Also she dosent take to kindly to stuck up rude people and will fight to defend her and her friends.
RP Sample Please:Misty was really bored in her cabin, When was the last time I've seen my pegasus Nox? The daughter of Nyx thought. She then she jumped out of her bunk and picked up her black kitten Shadow. Misty walked over to her closet and set Shadow down as she racked her hand around some of her clothes. She then picked a red plaid shirt with some dark blue jeans. Misty didn't want to walk around in a camp halfblood t-shirt.

Misty then looked around and found some of her riding boots which were black. As she slipped them on she told her kitten,"If you want, you can stay here." She looked at her black kitten's big blue eyes but stayed inside of the Nyx cabin. The daughter of Nyx passed by Shadow to the door, Like as if training a dog she turned back to Shadow and said,"Stay.." Shadow hated how Misty treated her like a dog but stayed anyways.

The Daughter of Nyx rolled back her shoulders and put her hand on the handle and opened the cabin door. She walked outside and closed the door. Misty walked outside and saw campers chasing each other playing tag. Misty wished somehow she could make her darkness powers torture the light side kids, but she didn't know how to control it. The Daughter of Nyx finally made it to the Stables. Misty couldn't make out what was happening. She saw a girl on the floor, "Are you okay? Don't get mad at Charlot, she was just being playful. Don't get discouraged by what just happened, it isn't you fault that you didn't know anything about Pegasi and picked out the wrong one. Let me put Charlot and then I'll assist you with picking OU the right Pegasi. Here, let me help you out," Misty then saw a girl about her age or older holding her hand out to the fallen girl. Misty avoided them and saw her black pegasus Nox,"Hey girl!" She said. Nox neighed and nuzzled Misty's cheek. Misty unlocked the door to Nox's stable and let the pegasus out.

Misty turned the the girl standing up,"Is she alright? Sorry for intruding I'm Misty Blue, Daughter of Nyx."

How'd you find out about this site?:HBH
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Isaac Garner

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PostSubject: Re: Kaylee Tucker   Sat Oct 08, 2011 8:56 pm

Accepted! Welcome to DoD, Misty!!!
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Kaylee Tucker
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