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 Tom (Tommy) Hedge

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Tommy Hedge


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PostSubject: Tom (Tommy) Hedge   Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:49 pm

Name: Tom (Tommy) Hedge
Species: Demigod

History: Tom or Tommy as his mother would call him was born in Hampshire, south coast of England. His mother, Brenda Hedge considered having an abortion but as soon as she looked into her son’s eyes, her motherly instincts kicked in and she sobbed. Brenda realised how stupid she had been to even consider an abortion but after Tom, she had no other children. This is why Tommy is somewhat spoilt. He was raised only by his mother but she provided for him and as soon as her grandmother had died, in her will, she left Brenda over £50,000 which left Tommy’s small family with a healthy life to fulfil. But as he grew older, his mother couldn’t spoil him as much. He didn’t want material goods, instead he wanted his mother love and care that he couldn’t have this due to the fact that Brenda work most of the day and didn’t have any time for him. The babysitters that Brenda hired felt sincerely sorry for young Tommy.

To make up for his younger years, at the age of 10, Tom became more adventurous and he made a friend, Sam. They became as thick as thieves and did everything together. They both became fans of football as any boy would do and as soon as they got into the schools football team, they were praised here and there for their football skills and at the age of 11, they moved up to the national little league. According to his mother as well, his father was a footballer too but that was the only thing that his mother mentioned about his father; even if he wanted to know more, his mother would either ignore him or change the subject.

Tom had his first encounter with a monster when he turned 12. It was after a football match (Tom’s team won 5-1) and Tommy had to walk home in the rain, seeing as no one could pick him up. He was rather cold and couldn’t stop shivering but that wasn’t the least of his worries. A very tall man stopped right in front of him but whenever Tommy tried to go around him, the man stood in front of him. The man was wearing a thick duffel coat and a wide brimmed hat. Tommy rather scared now, starting to run down the path but strangely, the tall man followed him. He turned back just to see the man’s brimmed hat fall off his head to reveal his face. Tommy too shocked to understand what was happening, ran even faster and arrived at his house faster than he had ever ran in his life. He never told a living soul about that day walking home in the rain. Bet you’re wondering, what shocked him enough to run faster? The reason Tommy was shocked and ran faster was that when the man’s hat fell off his head; he only had one eye, right in the middle of his forehead.

After that incident, Tom never really opened up to anyone. It was a shame really because Sam had to leave his school and leave England for Australia, something to do with his mother separating from his father and Sam had to go live with his father in the Outback. After Sam left and he turned 14, Tommy never talked to anyone and didn’t really interact with anyone at all. He avoided bumping into anyone in the corridors and tried his best to get the seat at the back. Whenever a teacher asked him a question, he would usually say that he didn’t know, even if he did. Being diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia helped give a reason for bullies to pick on him and teacher to mock him too. Tommy was walking home one time and he was being picked on by bullies. Having enough of everyone mocking him, Tommy turned around and began fighting. After his mother found out, she punished him for ages.

On the last night he was grounded for, Tommy received a letter explaining about what and who he was. Nobody could understand this letter apart from Tommy himself due to the fact that it was written in Ancient Greek. He decided to believe the letter and booked himself a ticket for New York with his mother’s credit card. Tommy boarded a plane to New York a couple days after he received the letter and once he landed in the New York airport, he got a taxi from the airport to long Island sound and is still looking for the pine tree the letter told him to look for.

Appearance: Tommy looks completely normal. He isn’t very bulky with muscle or fat, just normal. He had to admit, thanks to the years of playing football; he gained a muscles on his legs and was able to run faster than average people. His brunette hair isn’t exactly long but his mother moaned at him about his hair being too long; even though Tommy liked his hair. His emerald eyes contrast against his dark hair and he is mostly seen smiling. Tommy stands at 6’2” and doesn’t weigh much at all, only weighing at 140lbs.

Personality: Tommy is a sort of quiet guy; he likes to take his time and carefully consider things. He normally isn't the type to be loud and reckless though his ADHD makes him do things on the spur of the moment. Most often he likes to be around Apollo kids because of the musical talent. He is a tough, hard working guy and is very dependable. Some of the time his expression is brooding but he can also be a fun person to be around. Tommy doesn't start fights intentionally like some of the Ares kids, and for the most part he tries to stay out of fights (except when training).

RP Sample Please: Tommy stared at the clock in front of him. With every second that ticked by, he became more and more aware that he was wasting time. What should he do? Tom pulled out the planner that was under his pillow. Flipping through the pages he found the date and read it.

7 am- Wake-up
8 am- Breakfast
9 am- Archery Practice
10 am- Free
11 am- Free
12 pm- Lunch
1 pm- Climbing Wall
2 pm- Free
3 pm- Free


And so on... Tommy sighed. He didn't actually have anything planned. He was not good with snap decisions... He flipped through the previous pages. There! He found a day that he planned for the previous summer and read the schedule for 2 pm.

2 pm- Beach Time

I can do that! He thought and rifled through his clothes. He couldn't find his favourite trunks. The blue ones that his mother bought him a while back. So he settled for the navy pair. It wasn’t exactly adventurous because navy was a boring colour, Tom didn't exactly like it that much. But he couldn't find his favourite trunks. Putting the navy blue swimming trunks and wearing his chino shorts over his trunks, he headed toward June 25th schedule from the precious summer. Arriving at the sandy shore, he flipped the shoes off his feet and headed out on the empty sand.

Tommy smiled into the sun, the warmth of the orange world felt nice, almost as nice as the coolness of the blue world. It was clear that Tom had hid himself away the daylight. His skin was pale, even though he had some evidence of a tan. His natural hair color was an almost natural shade of brown, which made his pale skin look a little tanned. He sat down on the soft sand and watched the ocean waves crashing against the shore.

He felt wonderful; alone and peaceful. No worries troubled his thoughts; it had been a while since he'd even talked to anyone, so no drama plagued him. Tommy closed his eyes and relaxed into the warmth.
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Isaac Garner

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PostSubject: Re: Tom (Tommy) Hedge   Wed Oct 26, 2011 9:33 pm

As far as I'm concerned, ACCEPTED!
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Tom (Tommy) Hedge
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