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 Selena Alexandria Storm

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Selena Storm


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PostSubject: Selena Alexandria Storm   Sat Jan 14, 2012 10:08 pm

Name: Selena Zoya Storm
Her mother is an investment banker and so had little time for Selena who grew up to be a tom boy, not getting along well with her mother. She was always curious about her father, but never received a clear cut answer on the said subject. At school, she was pathetic in studies, mainly due to ADHD and dyslexia, but she had great fun at sports. Good enough in the orals, but barely manages to pass in written. Had a marginally big group of friends before the new kid came into school. New kid, turned out to be a satyr who was the main reason she got dumped in this camp by her mother. Though, after meeting that cyclopes with a Kindly One in NYC, before the satyr told her mom, she gets its for her safety, but she still hasn't forgiven her mom for making her the 'new kid', which she has been for more than half of her life.

Selena has long black hair, which fall a few inches below her shoulders. It annoys her to no end because its always messy and has the disturbing habit of falling on her face whenever her hands are dirty and she can't push it back. She is tall, athletic and tanned and loves playing soccer. Her cheeks are slightly chubbier than normal but her dark green-blue eyes are enough to stop people from pulling them.

Selena is moody, manipulative and has difficulty in being compassionate. She doesn't like being around kids, but for some strange reason, kids adore her. She is cheerful, optimistic, but also practical. She tends to subconsciously do stuff which is opposite to normal reactions. She is smart and intuitive. Has a great sense of humor, but is obsessed about her likes. Very materialistic, arrogant and stubborn.

RP Sample Please:
"Hi! I am Zoya. I am sort of lost so if you could give me the directions to Central Park, I would be very grateful." Zoya practiced in front of the closed door, before shaking her head and scowling at the door. "What am I doing here, this sounds so pathetic! 'Hi I am Zoya..'" She muttered to herself as she imitated her previous chirpy voice. "Even sales girls wouldn't be so cheerful." She added, glaring at the snow outside. She couldn't believe that she had ended up here. All she had wanted to do was get home, but sadly, when she was running she failed to notice a lot of stuff. And instead of ending up at her neighborhood, she found her self near some skyscraper.

She didn't know what it was about the building, but it seemed so familiar to her. Like she was used to coming here a lot, and of course, Zoya being the messed up Zoya, she actually followed her curiosity and went into the building. Inside, she was greeted by another sign that she came here a lot. The people at the concierge greeted her and the guard even asked her how was she feeling. She had just nodded, trying to smile, and not show exactly how creeped out she was. How do these people know me now? She had thought that when people claimed to know her and she didn't have a clue who they were, there could be nothing worse than that. But now she realized at least they told her how they knew her, here people just greeted her and behaved like she knew them for a long time, but she didn't. And when she asked who they were, they never gave her a clear answer. Like that git in the park!

When she had entered the lift, the person there had pressed the button for the Penthouse without even asking her, so she also had decided not to question. She was just going with the flow, maybe that way she could learn more about her past. So now she was standing in front of the door, lamely standing there and practicing what to say. 'When did I turn so pathetic?" Zoya questioned herself as she rolled her eyes and pressed the bell. There was nothing behind the door that was going to eat her up or something. I hope!

How'd you find out about this site?:
Google! XD
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Selena Alexandria Storm
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