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 When the Breeze Blows ((Open))

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Griffin Dorian


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PostSubject: When the Breeze Blows ((Open))   Thu Aug 26, 2010 5:15 pm

There was something about sitting on Half-Blood Hill with the wind blowing and the grass rippling that Griffin found very calming. It wasn't a sappy type of child of Demeter calming, just the fact that he had a breeze blowing on his face and he could truly smell the fresh air. Not that there was a lack of fresh air around camp, but Griffin found it the calmest on the Hill. It was an area where the boy could really clear his mind, and it made life feel a little better. That was a rare thing in itself, for life to feel better. With a darker history and a darker mind, Griffin spent a lot of his time wallowing in angst. Probably too much of his time, honestly. But there was really nothing wrong with least, not that Griffin could spot. Besides, it had worked well enough for all these years...why change now?

Sitting at the top of the hill, Griffin was laying on his stomach in the grass, reading a book of Ancient Greek 'fairytales'. The text itself was in Ancient Greek, English was still too hard for Griffin to read. The dyslexia always caught up to the boy, even after all these years, and he had discovered long ago that Ancient Greek was so much easier to read. Well, that was how it had been since Griffin had discovered he was a demigod, obviously, but he did so little reading in English these days that it was probably even worse. Running his hand through his hair, Griffin tugged at the ends a little as he read a bit further into the book. Honestly, he wasn't paying much attention to what he was reading; the boy's mind was elsewhere.

Griffin had been at camp for Gods knew how many years now. He spent a lot of time doing a lot of different things, and he was ready to figure out what to do when he left camp. Not that the boy planned on leaving anytime soon, he had always said he wouldn't leave until he figured out who his Olympian parent was. But after that...well, Griffin could start college...he figured he could leave camp, study Classics (fly through it) and graduate college easily. But in the meantime, he was kind of...stuck. Stuck being miserable, stuck walling in angst...just stuck. Angrily, Griffin slammed his book shut, and stared up at the sky, just wanting to yell.
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When the Breeze Blows ((Open))
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